Omega Seamaster

The idea to shoot this video in Montauk in 38 degree (Fahrenheit!) weather with 25mph wind gusts may not have been my brightest. (It actually launched a month of coughing which led to a pulled muscle and nerve strain, though that is a whole other can of worms.) But I desperately wanted to pull off this shoot there, to properly showcase the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watch in a natural sea-meets-earth setting. Of course, not much cooperated that day. I stalked the weather for days, expecting a cloudy day with hopefully dramatic clouds and milder temperatures. The shoot day came and it was freezing and sunny (thanks a lot, weather gods). I was obviously ill-equipped with the lack of warm clothing and there were equipment issues. But as with all travel jobs, the show must go on.

I have been a fan of Eliot’s Four Quartets since my 10th grade English teacher first introduced it to me. Its use here is meant to quite literally illustrate the past and present, while posing unknowns about the future.

Directed and styled by: Alice Gao
DOP: Taylor Hang
Production assistant/drone pilot: Pierce Liu
Cream dress: Beaufille
Red dress: Emilia Wickstead
Watch: Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra
Words and voiceover: T.S. Eliot “Burnt Norton”